Mistral Lunch and Drinks Menu

* Prices are subject to change

Bread basket Bread or breadsticks with dip of the day 1,00 €
Garlic bread Bread with garlic and kefalotiri cheese 3,00 €
Cretan dakos

Barley rusk with olive oil topped with freshly grated tomatoes, oregano, black olives and mizithra goat's cheese

4,00 €
Tzatziki Yoghurt with cucumber and garlic dip 3.50 €
Tzatziki with avocado A combination of Tzatziki with local avocado 5.00 €
Aubergine salad

Aubergine puree mixed with garlic, olive oil and lemon

3.50 €

A tasty trio of fava puree, tzatziki and aubergine dip served with pita bread

6.50 €

Mashed yellow lentils (split peas) served with onion, lemon and olive oil

4.50 €
Meze for one

A selection of Greek cold starters

7.00 €
Feta or mizithra cheese

Greek sheep's milk Feta or the Cretan local goat's milk cheese served with olive oil and oregano

3.50 €
Cheese saganaki Fried Cretan hard cheese in bread crumbs 7.00 €
Grilled vegetables Served with haloumi cheese 7.00 €

The famous Cretan dill pie

3.00 €
Prawns with avocado Served with lettuce and cocktail sauce 8.50 €
Shrimps saganaki

Ouzo flavoured shrimps in tomato sauce with oregano and feta

9.00 €
Fried calamari Crispy fried squid 8.00 €
Grilled octopus

Served with extra virgin olive oil and slices of onion

9.00 €

Smoked local pork, fried in olive oil with vinegar and rosemary, served with fried potatoes in extra virgin olive oil

8.00 €
Cretan smoked sausages Served with fried potatoes and lemon 8.00 €
Fried meatballs Served with tzatziki and fried potatoes 7.00 €
Fried potatoes with oregano

Village style or chips fried in extra virgin olive oil and served with oregano

3.50 €
Fried potatoes with eggs Fried in extra virgin olive oil 4.00 €
Jacket potatoes

Served with a filling of your choice (yellow or Feta cheese/tuna)

5.00 €

Kalitsounia with spinach or mizihthra

Traditional pies with spinach and wild greens or with mizithra cheese

5.00 €

Filled Crepes

Homemade crepes with mushrooms or ham and cheese

 5.00 €


Greek salad Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onion, black olives, Feta cheese 6.00 €
Domata / Agouri Tomato / cucumber salad 4.00 €
Cretan salad

Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, mizithra cheese, black olives, eggs, mini barley rusks, oregano and a dressing of extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar

8.00 €
Shrimps salad

Tomatoes, cucumber, finely chopped lettuce, eggs, pepper, shrimps, topped with a cocktail sauce

9.00 €


Main dishes
Grilled pork chop Served with fried potatoes or grilled vegetables 8.50 €
Souvlaki pork or chicken

A skewer of grilled pork or chicken, served with fried potatoes or grilled vegetables

8.00 €
Mixed grill A selection of grilled meats served with fried potatoes or grilled vegetables 13.00 €
Lamb chops Grilled and served with fried potatoes or grilled vegetables 9.50 €
Mousaka The Classic Greek dish 7.00 €
Gemista Stuffed tomatoes and peppers 6.50 €
Spicy meatballs Cooked in tomato sauce and served with fried potatoes or rice 8.00 €
Rooster in wine sauce Served with Cretan pasta or fried potatoes 8.00 €
Fried fillet of Sole Served with fried potatoes or grilled vegetables 9.00 €
Salmon fillet baked Served with fried potatoes or grilled vegetables 11.00 €
Grilled Perch Served with fried potatoes or grilled vegetables 9.00 €


Omelets and Pasta
Omelet of your choice Cheese/ham/mushrooms 5.00 €
Omelet with shrimps and Feta   8.00 €
Omelet with smoked pork and oregano   7.00 €
Spaghetti with minced meat or tomato sauce Topped with grated Cretan cheese 7.00 €
Spaghetti with pesto Topped with grated Cretan cheese 6.00 €
Spaghetti with fresh tomato and olive oil Topped with grated Cretan cheese 6.00 €


Toasted sandwich with a filling of your choice



3.00 €

4.50 €

Pizza Margarita Basic pizza with tomato, cheese, oregano 8.00 €
Pizza Village Tomato, peppers, onion, olives, mizithra cheese, oregano 9.00 €
Pizza Vegetariana Courgette, aubergine, tomato, cheese, mushrooms, peppers and oregano 9.00 €
Pizza Seafood Shrimps, mussels, crayfish, tomato, cheese, peppers, oregano 12.00 €
Pizza Special Peppers, salami, bacon, ham, tomato, cheese, mushrooms, oregano 10.00 €


Home-made Desserts
Yoghurt with bergamot   3.00 €
Sfakiani pita Traditional Cretan thin cheese pie topped with thyme honey 3.00 €
Kalitsounakia with honey Filo pastry Cretan small goat's cheese pies served with thyme honey 3.00 €
Yoghurt with thyme honey and fresh fruits   3.50 €
Ice cream Fresh milk ice cream in various flavours One scoop 1.50 €
Chicago   5.00 €
Banana split   5.00 €


Fresh Juices
Freshly squeezed orange juice   3.00 €
Fruit / mixed juice   3.00 €


Soft drinks
Soft drinks   2.50 €
Bottled water 750 ml   1.00 €


Greek coffee/Espresso/Frappe iced coffee/tea   2.50 €
Freddo/Cappuccino   3.00 €


Μπύρες - Beers
Draught 300ml   2.50 €
Draught 500ml   3.50 €
Amstel, Fix, Mythos 330ml   2.80 €
Guinness Foreign Extra   6.00 €
Strongbow Cider   6.00 €
Brewdog Punk Ipa   6.00 €


House wine red/white glass 200ml   3.00 €
House wine red/white carafe 1 lt Served at lunch only 9.00 €
House wine red/white carafe 0.5 lt Served at lunch only 5.00 €
Cocktails   6.00 €


Ouzo   4.00 €
Raki / Honey Raki   4.00 €
Long drinks   5.50 €


Baileys/Cointreau/Drambuie/Tia Maria   5.50 €


Metaxa 3*   4.00 €
Metaxa 5*   5.00 €
Metaxa 7*   6.00 €


Regular brands   5.50 €
Premium brands   7.00 €


Self service buffet breakfast   6.50 €
English Breakfast

Eggs with bacon, sausage, tomato, beans, toasted bread, butter, jam, orange juice, coffee or tea

9.50 €




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