Breakfast is served everyday from 8am to 10am

(early breakfast is available upon request).


A continental style buffet which includes a selection of seasonal fruits, cereals, boiled local eggs, traditional local cheese, local thyme honey, homemade jams and local fresh Greek yoghurt. There is a good selection of tea including the famous Cretan herbal mountain tea (Malotira), freshly squeezed orange juice and a variety of coffees to choose from (espresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano).


Lunch service is available from 12.30pm onwards. See the Menu here


Dinner starts at 8pm and contains a selection of traditional Cretan / Greek dishes freshly made, using local meats and cheese and organic produce from our vegetable garden. You will taste our signature moussaka (every Monday), Boureki – a dish unique to Chania with layers of potatoes, courgettes and goats cheese, kalitsounia – small pies filled with cheese and seasonal greens, gemista – stuffed veggies with rice, souzoukakia – Greek meatballs, tzatziki and many other delicious recipes that make the Cretan cuisine so delicious. Everything is prepared in our kitchen in the same day, using the best local ingredients and our own extra virgin olive oil. White / red wine is served freely during dinner until dessert. A selection of coffees (espresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano) as well as teas are available with dessert.


*If you have food allergies or particular dietary requirements, please let us know in advance so our chef will prepare accordingly and make sure you can still experiment and enjoy our fantastic cuisine.