We invite you to step into our calming environment and take some time to rebalance and refocus, relax and renew.


Our facilities include two massage/body therapy rooms, facial beauty corner, hair and nail salon as well as a dry sauna. Maria, Aimilios and Michaelis are our massage therapists, Xara does special treatments and Ioanna is our beauty specialist for nails and hair.




Full body traditional massage (60 min / 75€)

A combination of various massage techniques that rejuvenate, relax and tone all the tense areas of your body, offering you serenity and wellbeing. 


Foot and leg massage (45 min / 60€)

Stimulates the muscle and relieves fatigue, leaving the legs toned and alleviating pain in the back, resulting in a general relief to the body


Back and neck massage (45 min / 60€)

Focusing on stress release, muscle relief from tension in all areas around the neck and across the back. Improves circulation and posture, relaxes muscle and improves flexibility


Holistic deep relaxing full body massage (60 min / 75€)

Pressure on specific points to balance the energy of the body, combined with a deep and relaxing massage with sweet almond oil and organic extra virgin olive oil. Regenerates the body and relaxes the mind, having a great equilibrating effect on emotional and physical tension


Exotic tanning: prepare your skin to get the best tanning ever (40 min / 60€)

A holistic body scrub with 3 types of sea salt enriched with floral essential oils like lavender, geranium, bitter orange, chamomile, cypress and rosemary. It effectively removes the dead cells, cleanses and detoxifies, leaving the skin soft and ready to absorb all the vitamin D to obtain a glamorous tanning


After sun care for body & face (60 min / 75€)

A gently cleansing with two sea sponges will remove the dead cells, a cooling mask will hug your body to calm down your skin and at the end a cooling cream-gel, with light texture based on Greek organic rosewater, will leave your skin soft and pleasantly scented


Lava shell massage (60 min / 80€)

Two self-heated clams from the Pacific ocean are promising to give you the relaxation you needed. Throughout this massage you increase your serotonin, boost circulation of blood and lymph, soothe aches and pains, and reduce swelling and water retention


Warm candle massage (60 min / 80€)

If you wish to reconnect with yourself, if you want to give yourself a memorable experience, that’s definitely your massage. Three different candles will show your deeply needs. Choose among three different combinations made from coconut oil and essential oils and find out what is the feeling that you have missed recently? Is that your inner peace, your energy or maybe the passion? The candle you will choose is the answer. 



Facial treatments


Rejuvenation with acupuncture    60 min / 70€


Caviar treatment    50 min / 65€


Lifting with 24k gold    60 min / 75€


After sun facial care    50 min / 65€


Anti-age facial treatment   50 min / 65€


Hydrating treatment    50 min / 65€



Nail care 


Manicure Shellac 37€


Manicure Vinylux 32€


French manicure 37€


Pedicure Shellac 42€


Pedicure Vinylux 37€


French pedicure Shellac 42€



Hair care



Haircut and styling 37€


Intensive repairing mask and styling 37€