Online Flights to Crete

You can book your flights to Crete online or by contacting our recommended UK travel agent, Cannon Travel on: tel: 01992 441521 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


London Gatwick (LGW) – Chania (CHQ)                                                                                                                     Airline

EZY8781 14:00/EZY8782 14:40                                                     (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri)                             Easyjet

EZY8783 21:40/EZY8784 22:20                                                      (Sat)                                                                       Easyjet

EZY8783 22:10/EZY8784 22:50                                                     (Sun)                                                                       Easyjet

TOM4214 12:05/TOM4215 13:20                                                   (Tues)                                                                    Thomson

TOM4294 22:00/TOM4295 23:10                                                   (Tues)                                                                    Thomson

D89566 13:15/D89567 14:20                                                          (Fri)                                                                         Thomson

TOM4784 21:40/TOM4785 22:40                                                   (Sun)                                                                       Thomson

D82530 06:20/D82531 07:30                                                          (Sun)                                                                       Norwegian Air

D82530 10:55/D82531 11:50                                                          (Thurs)                                                                   Norwegian Air

London Stansted (STN) – Chania (CHQ)

FR7608 12:40/FR7609 13:05                                                           (Mon)                                                                     Ryanair

FR8033 18:55/FR8034 19:20                                                           (Tues)                                                                    Ryanair

FR7608 13:15/FR7609 13:55                                                           (Fri)                                                                         Ryanair

FR8033 13:45/FR8034 14:10                                                           (Sat)                                                                       Ryanair

London Heathrow (LHR) – Chania (CHQ)

BA0660 12:55/BA0661 13:45                                                          (Wed)                                                                     British Airways

BA0660 13:25/BA0661 14:20                                                          (Sat)                                                                       British Airways


Bristol (BRS) – Chania (CHQ)

FR7786 12:30/FR7787 12:55                                                           (Wed/Sun)                                                            Ryanair

TOM6282 20:20/TOM6283 21:20                                                     (Tues)                                                                    Thomson


East Midlands (EMA) – Chania (CHQ)

FR3856 18:50/FR3855 19:15                                                           (Sat)                                                                       Ryanair


Manchester (MAN) – Chania (CHQ)

TOM2204 13:10/TOM2205 14:30                                                     (Tues)                                                                    Thomson

TOM2508 12:10/TOM2509 13:10                                                     (Fri)                                                                         Thomson

FR2821 20:00/FR2822 20.25                                                           (Tues)                                                                    Ryanair

FR2821 13:20/FR2822 14:00                                                           (Sat)                                                                       Ryanair

FR1256 14:20/FR1255 14:45                                                           (Thurs)                                                                   Ryanair


Glasgow Int’l (GLA) – Chania (CHQ)

FR7653 20:50/FR7654 21:15                                                           (Wed)                                                                     Ryanair


Leeds/Bradford (LBA) – Chania (CHQ)

FR2476 13:00/FR2477 13:25                                                           (Tues/Sat)                                                             Ryanair


Dublin (DUB) – Chania (CHQ)

FR7354 21:15/FR7355 21:40                                                           (Wed)                                                                     Ryanair

FR7354 20:50/FR7355 21:15                                                           (Sat)                                                                       Ryanair


Birmingham (BHX) – Chania (CHQ)

TOM7266 14:00/TOM7267 15:00                                                    (Tues)                                                                    Thomson

FR8044 21:25/FR8045 21:50                                                           (Tues)                                                                    Ryanair

FR8044 20:50/FR8045 21:15                                                           (Sat)                                                                       Ryanair

Aegean Airlines and Olympic Airlines fly into Athens airport from all over the world. From here you can get a connecting flight to Chania airport. Check the websites for prices and availability: &

Heraklion airport is 2.5 hours from the Mistral and we can arrange your transfer at a charge of 80 euros each way.

Airport Transfers

We will arrange your transfers from and to Chania or Heraklion airports. If you arrive or depart on a Tuesday, transfers from Chania are free of charge. However, transfers at unsociable hours will incur a small charge.

If you arrive or depart on any other day of the week or into Heraklion airport, there is a charge for transfers.

For guests wishing to continue their holiday in Santorini, we can arrange your transfer to Heraklion Ferry Port.

In case of delay, please make sure you have the Mistral telephone numbers available so you can let us know.


Dates & Prices

2019 dates and prices are available - see the Online Booking facility for further information and to check availability.

Contact us on to secure your 2019 summer holiday and join in the celebrations. We look forward to seeing you!


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